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MATTHEW T. CRAWFORD, started his career in criminal defense at the Federal Way Municipal Court and have been fortunate to establish relationships within the court. He has devoted his life to helping those who could not afford to help themselves.

Before attending any university or any graduate program, Mr. Crawford traveled abroad. During this time he assisted flood victims in Dresden, Germany, helping families that lost everything to receive food and shelter. Mr. Crawford also spent time in Romania working with a school for orphans and disabled children who were abandoned by their parents. The school’s mission was to teach these children a vocation, giving them a place in the world. There, Mr. Crawford taught classes and helped organize donations from various charitable organizations that assisted this school.

Mr. Crawford earned his Bachelor Degree in Economics focusing on Finance and Business Management in 2004, and returned a year later to attend law school to earn his Juris Doctor in 2008.

Mr. Crawford’s legal career includes criminal defense, family law, immigration law and domestic violence advocacy. Mr. Crawford’s experience in various areas of taught him an unparalleled love of the law and how it should be used to assist those who need it the most.

Mr. Crawford believes that everyone should be allowed access to the justice system, regardless of socio-economic status, and that we work best as a society only when everyone has such access.

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Law

Current Employment Position

  • Attorney

Past Positions

  • Federal Way Municipal Court